is art in public space – an intervention against established relationships without any mandate and authorisation in the quest for utopia. A game without an intention, a tribute to uselessness, a dream of innocence, a non-acceptance of limits, an continuous extension, a delusion of grandeur, and beautiful resistance.

In order to generate utopia we use interventions as a REACTOR = REACTOR is a controlled space which has been specially designed to generate certain reactions under certain conditions. is a collective project of the REACTEURS – Marla & David Komander. As further accomplices you´ll find an over-sized oil-painting with the title UTOPIA! and a poem by Wisława Szymborska which bears the same name, as well as a construction, random artistic acquaintances, and all those people unexpectedly confronted with our actions.

The interventions will be documented and presented in this blog. The REACTEURS appreciate as well as more utopian actions and art interventions in public spaces.

The creative consequence of our journey in 2016 is the collaboration with great musicians & dancers in the project Chi changé – wo wir die Freiheit suchen …