Even cosier than Basel – with the most sunshine hours, according to statistics. The Bächle in the old town, surrounded by vineyards and the Black Forest. Freiburg is almost too good to be true. But only people with ideas and visions, quirks and eccentricities live here. Currently also Marla, our “Reacteuse”. She likes the way Freiburg is in motion and boasts a lively free art scene, the new “SÜDUFER”.

For the intervention we occupied the space in front of the theater and UTOPIA! was framed by the new building of the library. We had some wonderful guests, who created a magical sunday afternoon for us with music and performance: Buenos Ayran crashed the east-west music, Renate Tanner was hoping that “everything will be alright”, Silke Pfaff entered into “Improvisavisation”, with Emily Engberts  we listened  to sounds of “Utopia”, Susanna Grob was dancing “Im Rahmen” & Katarzyna Brzezińska presented an excerpt of her “The Whisper Behind” Solo. Thanx to every body & voice!